Frequently Asked Questions About Procedures

Should I stop my aspirin prior to my procedure?  No, you do not need to stop taking your aspirin,  Actually it is safer to stay on it for cardiac reasons.

Do I need to take antibiotics like I do for dental appointments?  Our doctors do not require antibiotics before a procedure.  If you have questions about this, please contact your surgeon or primary care provider's office.

I am on antibiotics for an infection.  Can I take them before my procedure?  Yes.

Do I need a pre-op exam?  No.  Your recent office visit and/or completed intake forms will be enough.

How long will my procedure take?  Patients scheduled at St. Francis GI Endoscopy Center can plan on being at the center less than 2 hours.  Patients scheduled at Trinity Health of New England will be at the hospital for about 3 hours.

Can I eat breakfast on my prep day?  The directions on the box say I can.  No.  Eating breakfast on the day of your procedure

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